Cable TV: Whats the best?

I currently have my cable but it was already here whenh i moved in to my apartment. I live in Nei Hu (Cheng Gong Rd Section 4) and want to get a better package as outside of movies I cant get any good TV shows from England or the US (except reruns of CSI, Sex and the City and Fear Factor (which I hate)). Any advice as to which packages I can get (cant afford Satellite)?

You can’t. The cable companies have Taiwan divided up into parcels, so you’re stuck with whatever your area provider stuffs you with. In any case, the shite on offer doesn’t really vary from provider to provider, so it wouldn’t make any difference even if you could choose.

Looks like I’ll have to dive back into BitTorent and start streaming again…

Well too bad then. What you want only costs NT$26,000 with no monthly costs and all the latest US shows including Fox Sports, Fox News, TCM, BBC, ABC, NBC, etc etc…

I just got 3 dishes from Jim TV Satellite. Two dishes for my favourite Indian Channels for my parents.


If Jim hasn’t PMed you by now, check [url= thread[/url].


[quote=“iris”]If Jim hasn’t PMed you by now, check [url= thread[/url].


Thanks for the support Iris.

taiwan cable sucks

get sat tv from jim, you want all the us drama?

get dream sat tv, for mor info contact jim at 0930750441 i reapeat its taiwan 0930750441.

so get sat tv for 26000nt with no yearly fees