Anyone taught CAE? Any insights?

I’ve got an interview.

You’re teaching some really high level stuff!

I’m afraid I only teach the Cambridge exams for young learners, so I’m no use on this. It’s nice to see that some schools are using some serious exams for adults. I teach BULATS to a couple of adults, and it’s a really difficult test of English.

You may be better off asking teachers in the UK as I find the tendency in Taiwan is to go for the easier exams. … _dec08.pdf

You’ve probably already checked this out, but if not this is the link for the teacher’s guide for CAE. It provides a sample paper with varying levels of student writing ability.

Thanks. Nah, it’s not in Taiwan. I’m still hanging 'roond da flob like a bad smell 'cos I have no friends in the UK though.

(I tell a lie, one just came in the pub. She’s a CELTA trainee. Hahahahaha.)

I got the job, it’s amazing what a difference to your employability, the DOS having to cover a class makes…