Nice local chain COFFEE WAKE UP. Busy cafe, has nice lunch+coffee+cakes. Big cafes busy most of the time

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“LOL” for the laptop set up or other reason? Recently I seem more more set ups like this at this and other coffee shops.

I see this set up frequently lately.

Co-working spaces must be too expensive.

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LOL for the “I’m buying the cheapest item on the menu, camping here all day and f*%& the owner or any legitimate customer looking for a seat”, and blocking the seat opposite for good measure.

Are you connected with this coffee shop?

Yep, I just walk on to another place if I see the cafe owner puts up with this BS.


There is one in Tainan that I tried a few times, decent but nothing special IMO.

edit: apologies it is not the same.

Not connected to this shop, if no seats then I will go somewhere else. There are many others cafes nearby. One thing I do have say is here not good for a quiet work space, tends be loud. (I had started another topic on quiet cafes, this is not quiet thus it’s own topic). The good thing is this chain, the shops are big with lots of seating and nice snacks and lunch. Also near the district (新崛江) where younger people like me visit and near MRT.

I think it’s a combination of people are cheap and a lot of the co-working spaces aren’t really that compelling.

Most cafes don’t really seem to mind having people hang out, although some do have minimums and time limits, which is ok.

Frankly, the laptop loungers aren’t the worst. It’s the people who come into cafes and have phone conversations or video chats.

Yes, different. Thanks for the correction. Looks more like brunch shop.

when I go to kaohsiung I like this one
simtree Coffee (興趣 x Simtree 中正旗艦店 精品咖啡 高雄咖啡)

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Good one and big, they other small shops too in town.

Coffee shops are a bubble that will burst soon or later.

Starbucks is much older than me so me not bubble

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In Taiwan, the 5 largest convenience stores alone sold $16 billion NTD worth of fresh coffee in 2017. That figure doesn’t cover Starbucks, Louisa and all of the independent stores.

Individual coffee shops will come and go, but the market is not what one would reasonably consider a “bubble”. There’s real money being spent here. A lot of it.

Fair enough

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haha, Happy New years and enjoy coffee!

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