Cafe coffee replacement, what are you doing?

I’ve been using this Shopee vendor for ages -

Lots of variety and good prices (just whole bean though, not sure if they would grind it).

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I’ve switched to matcha lattes. It’s been better for me, and longer more gradual energy boost without the jitters.


I left my moka pot in Elbonia :frowning:

Main problem I’ve noticed with them is that the seal eventually wears out and they start leaking water all over the hob. They don’t last very long if you’re using them more than once a day.

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what do you make them with?

They’re cheap on Shopee. I currently have four (6-cup, which I use almost exclusively, 4-cup, and two 2-cup). When I’ve seen them in physical shops here, they’re easily twice the price at least.

I use mine (the 6-cup one) maybe two or three times a day and have found the longevity to be pretty good - I usually get at least a year or so out of them before I forget about them on the hob and fall asleep or something, whereupon I’m (i) annoyed that I’ve destroyed another moka pot and (ii) relieved that I haven’t burned the apartment down with me inside.

They last longer on electric hobs rather than gas ones (harder to burn the handle and sides), and the rubber seals are replaceable - they come in packs of 3ish and I generally change them every several months when the coffee starts tasting burnt. (The seals are consumables though - they’re not supposed to last forever.)

I’ve being using my all-in-one camping portable coffee maker to make my daily coffee, so to avoid going out to get some java.

It grinds, dips and serves as a cup so I can sip it while WFH. Not the best coffee, but I think the issue is more with the barista than with the coffee machine itself.

Take my coffee away and you get this:


I use agave syrup as sweetener and use low-fat milk, oat milk, or almond milk with it. I don’t use fresh milk because it makes me sleepy.

I don’t have a whisk, but the green matcha powder I use is pretty good (Golde Matcha Powder: Pure Matcha – Golde) so just diluting it in hot water and mixing well with a spoon does it for me.

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Thanks! i will look into it. The sweetener will be the biggest challenge.

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I like this.


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I think as long as its syrupy or a liquid sweetener, it’s good. Or you can just do away with it, the milk will provide the sweetness you need. And the matcha powder too.

I’m curious, are you trying to control blood sugar? Last year my physical exam showed my blood sugar was too high so I switched to using monk fruit sweetener in my coffee and in baking (I’ve also cut out 95% of my sweet snacks and desserts). Anyway, monk fruit sweetener is safe and doesn’t raise blood sugar levels.

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No i just would like to limit sugar, and i have never bought any type of sweetener before (i usually just stick to green tea / black tea) so i will have to do a bit of research.
I did just see the monk fruit one on amazon.

I got this after I broke my second glass carafe for a French press. Have had it for 4-5 years, got a new strainer/filter for it before I came to Taiwan.

Indestructible, doesn’t need electricity, doesn’t need filters, only needs a kettle. Easy to use, easy to clean.

I got a few different kinds of ground coffee at Carrefour last trip, hoping to find something cheap that I like the taste of!


I’ve never really been a fan of French press coffee…and no chance I’m abandoning the Bialetti!

That thing looks nice. It seems crazily expensive outside of North America though - 190 GBP/EUR in the UK and Europe, over 4 times more expensive than the US!

I forget if it’s that exact one, but there are similar models available in Crate and Barrel here in Taipei (basement of the Breeze right beside Taipei City Hall Station). I’ve often looked at and considered buying one - it’d be great for when guests are visiting. But, oof, yeah the price is crazy. Wish I could remember how high it is.

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I think it depends on the coffee beans/grind that goes into it. I’m still looking for something I like in Taiwan and am 0/2.

you’ll never buy another coffee maker, or coffee filter. mine was about $2000NT after tax, 4-5 years ago, and since then no trouble with seals or electronics and only one filter replacement. seems a bargain to me…

do you want me to measure the height of mine?

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Would it even work in Taiwan?

No not height, price. I know it’s high quality - I think I was looking at it because it was rated the best by America’s Kitchen. But I so seldom have a reason to make that much coffee. Plus if I got one, I’d make myself 10 cups and spend the day going through it, and that’s probably the last thing I need. I like my current schedule of one fresh cup in the morning, one in the afternoon.

EDIT: I think I said this upthread, but I use a small coffee press, glass, fills one “normal” (i.e. normal 10-20 years ago!) sized coffee mug.


You can get a flame reducer for the stove top. That is probably not the correct word, but it is a ring that sits on the giant 50000 BTU afterburner Taiwanese call a stove.


Oh, it’s a proper one. Bialetti. It’s not a local one made from rebar and duct tape.

I don’t remember it having replaceable seals though. IIRC it’s just machined to very tight tolerance, but I guess the thread wears out after a while.

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