Cafe Odeon

Dangerous stuff, that Belgian. Especially if you drink it at the same rate as lager. I’ve learned my limit is 3. 4 or more sees me doubled over in an alley (not a pretty site)
My favourite is Bush (10% alc). Have only seen it at Cafe Odeon. If I go to bars that don’t serve it, like Q bar, I feel cheated. It’s about the same cost for pissy lager as it is for a double alcohol content Belgian. So in my experience, less than $500 makes for a boozy piss up.
Don’t you wonder why a normal little well-lit coffee shop near Shida (ODEON) has become such the rage?

For the fans of Belgium beer. Cafe Odeon has opened a second cafe/bar. It is on Xinsheng South Road Section 3, Lane 86. A couple of doors further on than the bar, Lane 86,

I’ve been to Cafe Odeon, in the Shida area, a few times and enjoyed their selection of beers. I heard they have a second shop near Taida. Anyone here been there? Recommend it?


Check the beer alert thread in the open forum. A few of the beer lovers over there have posted regarding Odeon II near Taida.

I’ve only made it to the Shida Odeon as well…great beer hangout. Hoping to get to the other before leaving l’isle de formosa.