Caffeine free diet coke/pepsi

Anyone seen this is Taipei?

I’ve seen caffeine free coke (not diet) in the fancy-schmancy supermarket in the basement of the Far Eastern Hotel. They may have caffeine free diet Coke as well, but I wasn’t particularly on the lookout for that and so didn’t notice.

They have it at City Super at Sogo, but it’s 30NT a can.

Thanks for the tips.

I had a look in City Super and they had Caffeine free coke (but not diet) at NT55 a can. That’s extortion :loco:

Will look into Sogo.

I guess City Super is the store in the basement of the Far Eastern Hotel I was thinking of. I guess the only other suggestions would be Florida Bakery, the American Club or some shop up in Tienmu (though I haven’t been there in years)