California ... a failed state

Yeah, seems like nuclear would be under consideration. Then again, there are not many nuclear plants being built, and we had an unfavorable experience with the last one that closed down, about 30 miles from my house. It was old and had a bit of a leak, and it was very difficult to find somewhere to dump all the radioactive stuff afterward.

Diablo Canyon, the last nuclear plant in CA, took over 15 years to build and had a planned decommission date of 2025. Most of the nuclear power plants in the US had a design life of 40 tears, with no real plan on how to decommission them. Considering there are under 60 active reactors in 39 states, many are nearing or beyond their planned life span, and only a few are under active construction, it is not too surprising that California of all.states isn’t pursuing them, despite the opportunity for clean energy and and a clear need for more power. Not saying they should be off the table, just saying that it’s not surprising, all things considered.

Then it’s not surprising that we will be in a serious energy crunch somewhere down the line…or we will grow up and realize the reason we are energy independent now is fracking.

From what I’ve recently read, nuke plants can last about 80 now with upgrades and proper maintenance.

Yeah, nukes certainly should be included in any mix. The German shutdown was sheer panic. The extreme left-wing position is that all nuclear-power is really bad, and let’s ignore that the alternatives are fossil fuels; the extreme right-wing position is that global warming is a hoax so we can keep burning fossil fuels but we should build nuclear power plants apparently because hippies don’t like them.

Environmental and green energy types would never consider nuclear. It is expensive because of the amount of regulations it requires. But we’re still using 1950s design to build reactors when much safer and cheaper designs are available.

Also nuclear science is kinda deemed as something too sciencey for the average person to even be allowed to play around with it, and as such anyone working at nuclear power plants require security clearances. So the average person only knows it’s green, glow in the dark, scary thing that they don’t want to be within 1000 mile of it.

So now Ben Shapiro and his media empire are all moving to Nashville.

I realize that Shapiro is not exactly Hollywoo royalty, but if you’ve ever heard him talk about LA then you know how attached he is. I think his wife has even stronger attachments to LA, but she is evidently moving to Tennessee with him.

Things are getting interesting in California.

This guy and Titania McGrath. :joy:

"Gavin Newsom’s at the top of his game. What’s the most intelligent way to respond to a disease that carries a 99.96% survival rate?

“Create poverty and despair! It’s a good way to help strengthen the homeless population.”

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OK, I now agree that CA is a failed state. If we have not educated people well enough to abide by simple rules for wearing masks during a pandemic, then I really can’t argue that it has not failed.

Send them all to re-education camps.

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