California ... a failed state

“he says police never showed up after he called for help.”

This is a lie. The police showed up nine hours later. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think the channel I reference showed a lot of San bernidino, where he said he was from. It paints a bleak picture. Venice beach might have been pushing it and I don’t recall him showing Venice beach.

Channel is called nick Johnson. Here is one California videos, definitely not in Venice beach.

Im afraid I find your arguments unconvincing, patronizing, and tedious.

  1. Metal Leo has walked all over California showing hundreds of closed stores in previously thriving areas.

  2. Show us video evidence of a thriving Californian economy.**

Where is it?

I dare say California economy is held up by tech companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and the like. If you work for those companies, life is great and you live in the nice areas. For everyone else, not so much.

Not quite, cos high-paid techies are hated for forcing generational San Franciso families out of their homes. There’s a video called Throwing Rocks at the Google bus out there.

Second, once rents go up… all the artists, small coffee shops, musicians, farmers, tradespeople, linguists and hardware stores see the higher prices… so they shrug, pack up, and go live somewhere else.

Then the high paid tards who moved into a thriving area find themselves in a wilderness of Starbucks and KFC. Serves them right.

FedEx guy is bringing the package out and two guys come in and just take the packages away, in front of everybody, around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. This has become the new normal and it’s a pity that this beautiful great state of California, especially Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, has been ruined and the politicians seem to be thinking it’s a new normal. Across the street, we own the other business which is we’ve made it into a membership only because we don’t want people to come in as we had a huge robbery last year.

– Deep Sethi, owner of Bombay Palace on Wilshire Boulevard, June 2024

You’d think someone like @cake would be ecstatic at the closure of corporate elite stores. Makes you wonder about the agenda of a English/Brit commenting on CA.

Homeless and the down and out are a different topic than the retail discussion we were having. slab city has always been… different. It attracts a crowd. Interesting place though. San Berdoo, never been great in the 2 decades I was there great. Skid row is… well, it’s skid row - shitty policies in places like OC shipping people there didn’t help.

But yeah, a “it’s a disaster” video is going to show the disasters. While it’s got some decent / “normal” shots of his trip, don’t trust something as representative when there’s multiple San Diego and clips and none of it looks appealing. SD rocks. :wink:

But homeless and the downtrodden are an issue in any decent sized US city these days. I mean, it’s always been an issue, but when there many more people in general, you’re going to see more poor people too. I saw a dude in Fort Worth earlier in the year on a 40 deg night sleeping on the sidewalk with no short. Multiple people walked by him, and a city bus and a firetruck drove right on by. I left him my jacket, despite him being a fall down crazy drunk, which is why many probably were willing to leave their humanity behind just a bit and just walk around him.

some of which are proven bullshit (proof shown above) though, you’ll admit, right?

I’ll try to remember to shoot you a video if I have time next trip out.

American attitude of pull yourself up by the bootstrap doesn’t help, most of them think the homeless deserved their fate so they have a clean conscience when they just walk around them pretending not to see it. Others are just in similar predicament where they’re literally one late payment away from homelessness. It’s not uncommon in America where price gouging is basically the norm.

Then I know a marine who is homeless in DC metro area, who loves Trump to death and thinks democrats is destroying America. Except they don’t understand it’s both parties screwing veterans hard, I told her she should consider coming to Taiwan instead of trying to get the government to pay her for exposing her to chemicals when they’re putting up bureaucratic walls because they don’t want to pay.


You’re hiding behind the passive.

My work here is done.

It has been a pleasure talking to you. I look forward to your video of a rocking, thriving California.

Always back up your facts, and never enter a battle of wits unarmed.

Thanks for your insights into Americans’ thoughts. So very different from Taiwan where the homeless at the Taipei Main Station are never ignored or passed over by Taiwanese.

I am more bothered at the loss of jobs for the useless eaters.
As someone who supports corporates, you would surely welcome a move to everything online, no doubt.
And this kind of crap is not exclusive to CA. It is happening all over the 5 eyes countries especially since the scamdemic.

I was in Beverley Hills late last year, and it was still full of people and vibrant. Did not notice a ton of vacancies.

Thinking about it, it’s a vast “çountry” so you can find what you want… You get what you Google. I doubt anyone’s testimony is wrong…

Same with Bali. Overrun tourist hellhole, or private oasis.

All down to your reality navigation skills.