California Fitness Taipei Main Station

So, I am coming to the end of my contract at California Gym at Taipei Main Station and talked to my regular consultant today about options for renewing for another year (all done with the aid of my Taiwanese friend cos the consultant doesn’t speak English). He offers a discount for renewing for another year so i’m happy.

I then ask him about a text message I received from California the previous day about my fees for the last month not being paid (it is done thru a direct deposit from my bank account) and he looks into it and says that for some reason they didn’t withdraw the fees on the scheduled day. When I asked why, he said something about the date for the withdrawal was on a Saturday and that their admin people don’t work on weekends so that’s why it didn’t occur. Sounds a bit strange to me. Anyway he says that I can just take care of it with my next direct deposit, where they will take the last month and the current month’s fees out of the account. I tell him that I don’t mind to pay the outstanding fees now as I like to settle things ASAP. No problem he says.

So he goes to the counter to take care of it and I notice a long discussion between the consultant, my friend and the “guest services manager” I think her title was. I stand there trying to follow what is being said and it’s finally explained to me via my friend that because the fees are being paid late that I am required to pay a $200 late payment fee. I point out that it is because of a failure on their side that it wasn’t done but she wasn’t having a bar of it. I was running out of time as I needed to get back to work so I told my friend to tell them that i’m reconsidering my membership renewal due to their lack of courtesy to a valued member.

Has anyone had any similar dealings with this gym, and have you heard of direct deposits not being processed due to the date being on a weekend?

Yes, I had the same problem. Because of the date that was a holiday or weekend they couldnt take the fee. I was exactly at the same branch of California Fitness and I must say all you have to do is argue and not give up. They will use any excuse to rip you off.