Calisthenics or Fitness Trainer in Luodong (Yilan)?

Hai Forumosa friends!

I’m a random gal volunteering in Luodong (Yilan), Taiwan. I make desserts for an organic / vegetarian (sometimes vegan) cafe :).

Lately I feel a) I really miss the lean, agile, fit states my body has been in, where I feel ready to tackle whatever adventure comes my way, and b) I have a lot of energy that needs to be expressed, otherwise it channels into overthinking in the brain :).

I have always struggled with at-home routines like P90X, GMB, and “going to the gym” — I’ve never completed or stuck to a program, or achieved my fitness “goals” when I train alone. The two times in my life I’ve felt the most lean, fit, and really happy about my progress was when I had help through a personal coach or trainer. (eg. training with an acrobatics trainer 3x a week when I used to work in California, and the other time when I lived in a yoga school in India, training 5 hours a day.) My coordination, agility, focus, and mental fortitude was noticeable different and … a state I’d like to be in again :).

I miss these times! I miss feeling my body. I miss being able to do stuff :P. I’m seeking help in training again!

Is there a Calisthenics trainer or a fitness resource you could recommend in the Luodong (Yilan) area? (I volunteer at the cafe everyday, so I’m based here, but also highly motivated to make training a part of my life, so let’s see how we can make something work!)

I think Calisthenics is interesting because of it’s philosophy on natural movement, being able to autonomously train in free / public spaces, and emphasis on movement and strength.

Maybe look for Taichi groups in the park, try to find some yoga classes, ask around at a fitness center or gym. All maybe to leading to something more