Call center fun

Customer: I can’t find the little pictures on my screen anymore …
Helpdesk: what little poctures, sir …?
Customer: the one with computer and trash can
Helpdesk: Are there any open windows?
Customer: … Yes
Helpdesk: ok … here’s what you do … first close all open windows
Customer: …
Helpdesk: Are you there sir?
Customer: yes I’m back … I just had to go to another room to close the window … but i’m still unable to find those pictures
Helpdesk: … :eh: :doh:

Helpdesk: How can I help you sir?
Customer: I’m trying for a while now to rewind my DVD … how should I do that?
Helpdesk: :ponder: :roflmao:

Customer: I went to one of your stores last week and for a few days now I’m trying to call the number that was on the door, 0700/2300, but can’t get through …
Helpdesk: where did you say you got the number, sir?
Customer: on the door …
Helpdesk: sorry sir, but those are the times we’re open for business …
Customer: :blush: :eh:

Helpdesk: at the lower left hand corner of your screen you can see the OK button to click on …
Customer: Wow! Can you see my screen form that far?
Helpdesk: :doh: :saywhat:

Customer (teenager): would you be able to help me …?
Helpdesk: what’s the problem, sir?
Customer: my father bought a computer just last week, and as I was taking out a CD the phone rang while I was eating a slice of pizza, so I put the slice on the CD tray to pick up the phone …
Helpdesk: yes … so what happened next, sir?
Customer: the CD player closed and pulled the slice of pizza inside … and it’s a real mess now.
Helpdesk: that doesn’t look good … :astonished:
Customer: I’m really hungry right now, could you help me to get the slice out …?
Helpdesk: :doh: :roflmao: