Caller ID in Taiwan

Im a newbie when it comes to caller ID. Apparently it is free of charge here in Taiwan as long as your phone has the function. Is it the same system in the USA? Would a USA caller ID phone work here in Taiwan and vice versa?

I recall a web search revealed Taiwan uses DTMF and FSK etc. different
than in the USA. Therefore do like me and spend ~NT$200 to buy a unit
locally. Before buying, open up the cardboard box and look for clues
that the unit is recently made. Clues like their Taizhong branch
office’s phone number being 8 digits not 7.

I bought a unit that was made just when the standards were being
announced, and found it was very picky about what line/switching
office, therefor get a newer unit.

What I’ve heard (and experienced) is that Taiwan’s caller ID uses a dual system. This means that caller ID phones from the US won’t work in Taiwan but phones from Taiwan will work in the US. I suggest just buying a cheap phone/box in Taiwan. They’re in the range of 300-500NT

I was thinking of buying one of those 3 in 1 phone/digital answerer/caller ID phones in the States when I go back but sounds like it wont work from everything you guys say.

I brought back an American caller ID unit the last time I went back to the States, and it does not work here at all. The date and time work, but whenever the phone rings, it’s totally blank, just like no one has called. So it only works as a clock.

Then I went to Australia and bought a caller ID unit there, and I also brought that back to Taiwan with me. And it doesn’t work here either! It’s also completely blank (except for the date and time), and nothing changes at all when the phone rings, just like the American caller ID.

I’m curious if the Australian caller ID would work in America or if the American caller ID would work in Australia, but I won’t be able to find out until the next time I go to either country.

By the way, I’m sure that the telephones are the same in every country in the world. (The plugs and outlets are different, but they can easily be switched.)

I think that it’s an automatic feature of ChangHua Telecom, at least on the local phones. I have a cheapy Taiwanese phone that I bought at a grocery store for NT$350 and the call display works fine (and automatically). If you like the phone you have, consider getting a splicer and purchasing a cheap caller-id phone here.