Caller ID Spoofing (faking) prevalence in Taiwan

In the US, the problem of spam/ phishing callers faking their real numbers is bad, with the gov’t refusing to do anything to prevent it.

How is this issue in Taiwan? I hope call spoofing isn’t legal there?

You mean like calling someone while hiding the caller id?
That’s an option from their mobile and there’s nothing illegal about that.

I think they mean like calling someone and a fake number displays on their caller id. Like someone calls you and the phone number appears to be the local tax office’s number, but really it is just a scammer trying to get you to buy them gift cards.


I meant faking the number, so it displays someone else’s number. I can’t block the number, since it might be a legitimate number I need. If someone simply hide their number then spam me, I can set my phone to filter those out.

Here the important thing to remember. If it’s a fake or spam call, it’s almost always a robocall. Just hang up.

Don’t listen to the instructions in the call. Any official or important communications typically come in the mail.

If you’re not sure, hang up google the number and call the main office number.

Typical scams are your phone bill not being paid, not paying your NHI, etc… ignore them all.

For me, I block all calls from number withheld calls. If my phone rings once… I also ignore it. They want you to call back. No point.

If the number is avery long one, I also ignore it. It may look like a mobile number, but mobile numbers here are only10 digits.

I also use Whoscall app. Quite useful.

As a rule if the last thing they say is “press 9” it’s a scam. The call is actually live the whole time, and pressing 9 just lets them know they have a mark.

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You could press ‘F*ck You’!


I just mutter stuff during the initial message. They always come right on the line and I hang up

The only people that call me are just sells people, I think. Not sure how they got my phone number but they just speak Chinese. I just wait for them to finish their spiel and then say do you speak English. They instantly hang up without another word. I assume this would work for a scammer as well.


I don’t even have a landline, and I only allow calls from known contacts.

You’re missing a lot then.

I don’t care. :slight_smile:

Anyone I want to hear from can message me with Line.

What exactly would I miss?

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Anyone else frequently been getting spam messages on Line app these last couple of weeks?

I’ve never seen this kind of call in Taiwan. Usually scam and robo calls are all 09xxxxxx number.

But I’ve gotten this kind of calls in the US all the time. One time I get a call from this guy with an Indian accent, claims to be from UT’s financial aid office (and I know them, and as far as I know they do not employ any Indians). So I hung up on them. I googled the number it showed and it reveals Travis County Sheriff’s office. A little bit of googling reveals that some Indians would spoof caller ID so they appear to be from some law enforcement agency or tax office.

I filed a police report on them.

Our phone answer machine catches them all the time. Fortunately we are not there. Typically they call mid morning after 930~11ish. The genuine spam sales calls call around mealtimes… 1130 to 100 and after 445pm-6pm. After 6pm it is politicians calls, weird pubs + clubs and wrong numbers!

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Yes lot’s

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