Calling all Chinese gurus!

Would you support a Chinese initiation course hosted by our own?

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Recently I have really been impressed by the fact that we have people in our midst whose Chinese ability ranges from knowledgeable to highly educated. I’m thinking of people like Truant and Cranky Laowai. I have a request for those of you who are more knowledgeable/educated than most of us. Please consider working collaborating on a Chinese Seminar (and possibly a course later) for us. I’ll be leaving the country in just more than a month after working here for the past five years and have recently started learning Chinese with the aid of Truants flashcards, the help of two co-worker’s, a few books and sites and have seen amazing results in the past two months. It has helped me in my interactions with my students, co-workers and people in general. I have also encouraged two other people to take studying the language seriously.

Although I’m a linguist at hart, Chinese never really took root in me because of the “No Chinese” policy at some of my former schools, late hours and the fact that people are not as talkative to strangers here as they are in Africa.

I think if I attended a decent initiation course/seminar, it would have put me on the right track from the get go. That’s why I’m beseeching you to collaborate on this idea. Learning from other foreigners has definite advantages since you know the pitfalls.