Calling fellow lifers

I am a lifer here in Taiwan (Taichung).

No I don’t mean a prisoner serving a term of life imprisonment (though you other lifers in Taiwan might see little difference in that definition and mine :p). I mean that I plan on living the rest of my life here. It is my home now.

I was wondering if there are any other Americans, Canadians, ect… here in Taiwan that are lifers as well? What is your situation? Do you own your own business or home? You belong to any clubs where lifers can go and relax (The Lifers Club :wink: )?

I want to get to know my neighbors a little bit better after being here for almsot 5 years.

There was a recent thread about “lifers.”

14 years but they are letting me out on parole next April.

I can’t leave until I pay back taxes on a failed business venture years ago involving floating KTV restaurants in the Dan Shui River and huge losses in KMT stock.

I’m waiting for the Chief to leave because the whole island is going to list to the left when he steps foot off the island.

Thanks for the redirection.

I will go check that out. :slight_smile: