Calling USA

Is there a way to call the USA for free from Taiwan? I remembered I was able to use Google Hangouts and Hangouts Dialer apps on my mobile phone, or from my Gmail inbox, to call anywhere in the USA …and it’s free. But for some reason, I can’t do that now.

Google discontinued Hangouts. Download the Google Voice app and you should still have the US number and will be able to make calls using WIFI.

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Just tried Google Voice and found it only works if you’re in the US, or you still have an US phone number. Hangouts is now asking me to add funds (min $10) so neither work.

I did a quick Google search and found this no-name website that would get the job done. But you can only make 4 calls in one day and they have to be quick calls (it didn’t say how quick the calls need to be, however. ) Check it out.

I would still prefer using Google so if you have different experiences with them, I’d appreciate if you can please share. Thank you.

Can you do it thru Line or WhatsApp? I’ve had folks call me thru Line and I wasn’t charged. So I assume they werent.
Even Skype?

It should work outside of US. Did you change the settings to Select Prefer Wi-Fi and mobile data? I have used it many times outside of US.



When search for Google Voice in Google Play, Voice didn’t even show up.

Could that be Google withdrew this free feature from Taiwan?

I’ve used it many times too myself outside the US which is why this confused me.

My understanding is that Line is calling only other Line users and can’t call real phone numbers. Skype is not free calling phone numbers.

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