Calorie Counting in Taiwan

Does anyone know where I can find nutrition information, in particular calorie counts, for common staples and dishes in Taiwan or even general Chinese food? Although English-language sites would make life easier, Chinese-language-only site would also be helpful.

I think that is going to be impossible as every place makes them differently, adding various sauces, oils, etc, which can screw up averages. One tbls of oil is usually a hundred or more calories but do you know if they added any. Is there a sauce on your meat? What’s it made up? Is their sugar in it? Oil? Tapioca starch to thicken it up?

If I were you I would try to figure out on average the calorie count for meat, veggies, rice, noodles, sugar, oil, etc, so you can make some rough estimates.

Any oil 8 Kcal/g, sugar/carbs 4 Kcal/g

Maybe this web site can be of help … and this one and this one