Calvin and Hobbes in Chinese

Anyone know where I can find a Chinese version of Calvin and Hobbes? I know that sounds like the most random thing, but I have no clue as to where to start to look for something like this.

There are a couple available on

(The original English comic is on the left page, and the Chinese translation on the right.) They should also be available find them at Eslite and other big bookstores. If you can’t track one down, PM me and I’ll get one to you.

There might be some cartoon porno sites.

I seem to recall seeing some C&H books at one of the bookstores on Chong Qing St., Sec. 1 in Taipei, on either the 2nd or 3rd floor. It wasn’t San Min, was either between Kai Feng St. and Zhong Xiao W. Rd. or between Hankou and Kai Feng.

Does the humour really translate?

Depends on the original comic. Some translate better than others. For a few of the really obscure references in the books linked to above there’s a little “culture note,” though those are few and far between.

Most people I know who’ve read the books end up loving them, though yeah, it takes some of them a little while to get what’s going on.

And on a related topic:

Does anyone know where you can find Calvin & Hobbes toys? Have a request from home. Santa being asked to deliver a Hobbes and since there is no official merchandise family immediately thought of Taiwan.

As we all know Santa can bring anything …


Hey Brian, from what I have read online, the cartoonist never licensed this out, so there aren’t any commercially made ones that I can find. And the cartoon isn’t that popular here (it’s a bit old, no?), so the likelihood of finding pirated versions is low too. Honestly, I’d say your best bet is to find someone skilled at sewing who has made a few plushies before, and have them custom make them. My mom used to make our stuffed toys when I was a boy, and there are some people online who chat about how to make them, share patterns and so on. Here is a thread on making Hobbes toys. Check out the links to pics in the first post, for instance.