Camera equipment for sale

I’m thinking of selling this camera, tripod and lenses to a second hand camera store. I’m sure they’ll offer me a fairly low price and then sell them on at a premium, so just checking whether anyone on here is interested. Please pm me an offer if you are.

I should add that there are protective cases as well.

The tripod has only been used the one time on a trip to see the northern lights.

How much you try to get?

Sell them in a FB group. Sony users Taiwan.

Hey Bear, thanks for the advice. I don’t even have FB or IG, but I will think about it. Do you have any idea what I should be asking? (The equipment is my wife’s… )

You should be asking her if you can sell it. :wink:

Look on Facebook market you can see what others are asking for similar equipment. you can always take them to a couple of camera shops and get a quote or look what they are selling them for.

If you want the best price you have to do the grunt work,
if you want an easy sale just be happy with what you get and don’t think too much about it after.

What part of Taiwan are you in?

PS put a cap on the body or the lens back on to stop dust, that first photo is giving me chills :upside_down_face:

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Tienmu, Taipei.

An easy sale would be good. Anyway, if anyone is interested please pm me and then after a few more weeks of waiting for any other offers, I guess, I’ll contact someone and try and make a deal. Cheers, everyone.

I have an a700 with a broken back display.

If it’s in good condition and you have all the receipts and the boxes quite a large sum. Those lenses are super expensive. I’m a Fuji guy so I don’t know Sony but minimum 60K. But as I said in Taiwan the second hand market likes very clean gear with proof of purchase and original packaging.

Edit: scrap that. The A700 came out in 2007 so it won’t actually be worth much. I actually couldn’t guess since I don’t know how to price those lenses. I’m guessing you’d have to sell the lot to a non-local as a starter kit. But, yeah, maybe hit up one of the second hand shops to get an appraisal.

The lenses are kit lenses, cheap. There is a post on FB marketplace for 11 weeks for an A700 with two lenses, CF card, charger and two original batteries. 10K NT$ asking price.

How much for the tripod? And what brand and head is it?

The tripod has been sold. Sorry