Camera store (for lenses) in Pingtung/Kaohsiung area?

I have been to the “computer” street in Kaohsiung. Where they sell computers/cameras/dvds all along the street, i forget the name. But i have not been to any one there that is really an expert shop. they sell things and know sizes/prices not not much detail. Are there any really good camera shops (I am a canon user) in the area?

I am trying to get some gear before our trip through Asia next month.

Thank you for any help!

There’s one near the Love River, close to the history museum. I don’t know the exact address though.

I bet you could get “lenses” at the “computer” street. nudge nudge

great thanks guys. Ya you can buy anything on computer street, but you cant get much detailed info. I am wanting to talk about lighting options with different lenses/uses but non seem to knowledgeable about it.

I will check out love river area this weekend and look, thanks :slight_smile: Do you happen to remember the name of the store, or if it was mostly a certain color?

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I was similarly frustrated on computer street (Jianguo rd). I wanted an ND8 filter and they had no idea what I was talking about (partly language and partly due to not stocking it). I was shown dozens of UV fliters at every store and maybe a CPL however. But if you’re doing research you’re probably better off online unless you speak near fluent Chinese. And then finding a store that has what you want.

This reminds me that I should stop into this 2nd hand camera store that I found a few months ago.