Cameras: US vs. TW

I’m looking to buy a digital SLR camera.

I’m going to be returning to TW shortly, and was wondering how prices for cameras compare in TW to the US. (I am familiar with “camera street,” Ba Deh Rd. Since I won’t have a lot of time though, I just thought I’d throw this question out there first.)

In the US right now, a starter digital SLR, such as one of the Canon Rebel line, would start at about $900 and up. (This usu. includes a lens.)

Many Thanks!!

Yahoo Taiwan is your friend! … id=&t=9964

the camera street i think you mean is BoAi Road.

the Rebel is called the 350D here and will set you back around NT$27k with a lens (albeit a crappy one)

Adorama are selling Nikon D50s with 18-55 zoom lens for US$650, just a shade over NT$20,000. Dunno why Canons are so much more expensive - perhaps the lenses are cheaper? Anyway…

Be aware that when you buy from Bo Ai Jie and you are getting “shui huo” (grey import) you are getting the shop’s “warranty”, anything from a month to six months. “Gongsi huo”, the official imports, are more expensive, but have a year’s warranty from Nikon (Canon, whoever) Taiwan.

If you think you’ll ever need a film scanner get one before you come. They are half as much again here.

This is true of most of the shops but not all are grey imports.

One decent store that I know of (it’s on one of the cross streets to Bo-Ai) has a website

Buy it in the States, especially if you plan on getting a second lens for it. And if you go with the DRebel/350D, forsake the piece of junk kit lens and get one of the new cropped frame zooms (like the Tamron 17-50, Sigma 17-70, or the Tokina 16-50 which is coming out soon.) For a couple of hundred dollars more, you’ll get MUCH better pics.

What’s the going price on a new D50 body here in Taiwan? That’s a shocker of a website you posted up there (no offence). Very difficult to find things and understand what’s what.

try jacky - hes on boai as well - click on the gift box icon to view stock - new and second hand

Thanks mate. What address on Bo Ai, by the way?