Camp Taiwan


Has anybody sent their children to Camp Taiwan before? They enroll kids between 9 and 15 for a week-long ‘north american’ camping experience. It looks good and Tom and Nara (the directors) have received positive reviews on another forum as having high standards as directors.

Any comments or thoughts would be welcome.



Tom has a long history of doing good things in Taiwan and this is another example. They do dorporate retreats/ meetings etc.

Taipei European School used it recently and despite 4 days of non-stop heavy rain all the kids appeared to be happy :laughing:

When I first came to Taiwan, I worked under (and was hired by) Nara. I think they’re both really good people who know what they’re doing.

Yeah everyone I know who has been on camp there raves about it! I had a look when they forst set up and it looks like FUN!!! They are great people too!

I signed my oldest up for the last week in August. We had a look at the camp and it was beautiful. All ferms and running rivers. Lots of different ropes courses as well.