Campaign financing

Re. campaign financing: Candidates receive public funds in amounts based on how many votes they win.

The DPP has historically done better in LY elctions than in presidential elections, so well… . who knows.

Campaign financing. how much do they get and how much do they need?

I know that getting elected is cheaper than before, as votebuying has diminished, but they are still expected to throw a party here and there, and give out this and that.

Well, just subjectively I think this has been a record setter for cheap campaigning. I can actually hear myself think, there are so few speaker trucks around :slight_smile:

In answer to Mr He’s question about campaign financing:

This is from the FAQ for the 2001 legislative election, which I wrote, IIRC. The FAQ and related website have a lot of information that is still relevant.

The government also sets spending limits for campaigns. These differ according to district but average around NT$7.4 million. So if someone spent the maximum allowable amount, that candidate would need to pull in 246,667 votes to pay for it all, unless funds were raised in other ways.

I am doing an article on the Taiwanese legislative elections for a scholarly journal (although I am not writing it in a scholarly fashion!) Which leads me to the question.

How are the Taiwanese legislative elections funded?
How much does it cost to buy/earn/win a legislative seat?

I also realize that the full and correct answer to both questions is:
“Only The Shadow Knows”

But I would be interested in hearing peoples informed thoughts. I got the chart on spending limits that Cranky Laowai mentioned in a previous post. And I see the deal on the government funding. But methinks there are other sources.

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