Camphor Press: Taiwan-focused Digital Publisher, Books Available

Just a reminder that T.C. Locke (aka Poagao) has written an excellent book on his time in the military here. The paperback is now available for pre-order through our website, priced at $13.99 with free delivery if you order your copy before March 15. Books will ship at the end of March.

I think I just managed to sneak my order in before the special order was switched off, ha.

You did! We’ve had strong interest during the pre-order period, and I want to thank everyone for their orders. There’s going to be a lot of parcels going out at the end of the month.

I also ordered shortly before the deadline.

Any update on the shipping of the Barbarian at the Gate book?

Hi, sorry for the long delay. It’s our first print book, and frankly we underestimated the time things would take at every stage of the process.

The books were shipped yesterday, so customers in Taiwan should receive their copies today or tomorrow. Overseas orders will take a little longer, but they have all gone out now, so it won’t be long. Hope you enjoy it!

It’s fine since I haven’t had time to read it yet. I was just a little concerned that it fell behind the security guard’s desk or something.

My book just arrived. Looks lovely. Thanks!

I got mine today, too. A big thumbs up!!

Maybe mine will come tomorrow?

It’s coming up on four years since we launched, and we’re now up to 72 titles, including 18 about Taiwan. 2017 was a very good year for us, with the acquisition of EastBridge (now our Eastbridge Books imprint) spreading our range into academic texts and literary translations from Japan and Korea in addition to Taiwan and China. If you haven’t had a look for a while you might find some books of interest on our site.


New book available.

  • NT$241 (e-book)
  • NT$482 (paperback)
  • NT$814 (hardback)


Camphor Press offering free shipping for the duration of Level 3 in Taiwan: