Camping along the North/Central Cross Island Highway

Can anyone suggest places to camp along the North/Central Cross Island Highway? The route that I’m talking about is roughly from the Taichung / Nantou area on the west coast side, over the mountains, through Taroko Gorge to Hualien on the east coast.

The places that I’m most interested in are Sun Moon Lake, Wanda Reservoir, Taroko Gorge, and any other area near water (river/lake) along that route.


Although I’m primarily interested in camping spots, as a back-up, I could also use the names and phone numbers for any reasonably priced hotels or similar accomodations along that route (not in Taichung).

Sun Moon Lake has a campground just past the Youth Activity Centre. See the Lonely Planet map for location.

Fushoushan (near Lishan) has a campground up around 2500 metre.

You could probably camp down at the Wushe reservoir. Nearby Aowanda is beautiful and has cabins for around a 1000 a night, but no camping. … n&forest=4

Taroko has a campground at Tienshang.

Actually, on the way to Lushan (the hotspring village) from Wushe there is a suspension bridge that I think is the highest in Taiwan. There is a dirt road just to the left that take you down to the river. You could camp there.

Cycled this route several years ago.
Never stayed at an official camp site, just made use of pavilions and rotundas and the like.

Sun Moon Lake - bird viewing platform near north end (or end near where water gushes in)

Toward HohuanShan coming out of Puli - roof of a church in a small hamlet just off the road. Father (?) of church gave us permission but only after 20 mins of him trying to persuade us to stay in his house, eat his food, use his shower, etc. Lovely old guy.

Tayuling - just before the road forks off to Lishan and Taroko, there’s a long flight of steps going up the mountain. This path leads, I think, to one of HoHuanShan’s peaks but just at the top of the steps is a lovely pavilion with awesome views down the valley and across to the scary mountains over the way.

Taroko Gorge - slept down in the Wen Shan hot springs. They were closed to the public at the time.

All free, no one ever bothered us, quiet but amazingly beautiful. Filled water bottles from road side waterfalls, ate cheap and simple food from road side vendors, built campfires and supped tea as the sun went down.


Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for those tips. More tips welcome.