Camping gear in Taoyuan

Is there a good place to get ahold of some camping gear in Taoyuan? The places in Taipei at Chanshan N rd are quite pricey and somewhat limited.

I want a 4-6 person tent, lanterns, table and chairs.

Anybody seen anything like this in TY?

Come down to Chungli…Oasis has everything you need and then some. I didn’t see any 6 man tents though, ended up ordering one from the states and paying a fortune. Nice tent though…They do however, have a decent selection of 4-man tents.

As for the rest, they have everything…4 solid floors of camping goodies. Across the street from the Chungli Tesco.

There is another camping store in Taoyuan, not far from the Evergreen container area. I’ve never been there, but heard it is huge as well. Oasis has many chain stores and the one in Taoyuan might be an Oasis as well.

sweet! thanks brother. joesax said if i wrote “Touyuan and camping” you’d come!

Thanks joe!

Now, if only I knew where to go camping…:slight_smile:

One step at a time grasshopper… :sunglasses:

well, im not partial. once the weather clears up i wanna get me and my son O-U-T. i dont mind the taiwanese drive and camp places. some are quite nice. but by summer’s end, I want to be real camping! dirt, smoke, arrrgh.

there is a place near the evergreen in taoyuan. not so big as MJB’s chung li place (only two floors) but quite a good selection.

it’s on jing gwo road. just keep going past tesco towards nankan, and you’ll see it on the left after about 5 minutes or so. if you see the evergreen gas station, you’ve gone too far.

i think they have some formosan black bear sign up outside, at least they did when i bought a backpack there. good deal on that (they have some 2nd hand stuff sometimes too, if you are like me and wanna save some $$$).

there was another one on da yo road, but they closed up shop, and i have no idea where they went.

finally, MJB, is that one across from tesco the same one that used to be near the overpass near chung yuan university (if you are familiar with them?) i remember there being a store there too, although some stuff seemed pricey. and there was another store on the (far eastern road, now sogo road) some years back as well. dunno about it anymore though.

if the taoyuan one doesn’t have it, the big one in chung li should.

have fun!

finally, MJB, is that one across from tesco the same one that used to be near the overpass near chung yuan university (if you are familiar with them?)[/quote]

Yeah, I know the place,way overpriced. They don’t have the depth of selection that Oasis does, and are much more expensive. Still around as far as I know.

We used to buy all of our stuff there though…Back then, there wasn’t much choice.

I even found size 13 hiking boots at Oasis (generic brand but good quality and light) for 599NT. Don’t get your hopes up, I bought every pair they had… :smiling_imp:

i might go have a look … i don’t have clown feet like you, just a regular size 11.5 :smiley: