Camping in Taiwan: Must and Must Not

I am preparing for a trip in the mountain of Ilan (Nan Hu Da Shan
3700 m).
We are going to camp for a few days. We’ll leave from Taipei and ride a scooter. We are 3.
For those who have been camping in Taiwan (or elsewhere) what thing would you say are a MUST take with us. We are trying to travel as light as possible. Any hint or experience to share?
Thank you for any feedback.

I assume you will have maps, good info (for example, about where you can and can’t find water). Some mistakes people often make are:

  1. not taking warm clothing; it’s freezing at night!!
  2. getting sunburnt because they don’t have a proper hat (caps suck).
  3. not taking enough alcohol. :blush:
  4. wearing new shoes/boots that have not been broken in.

Yes, we’ll have maps and we’ll check the weather condition too.
Alchool…Hmm…I don’t know!!
Anything else?
How about your best camping trip in Taiwan? Anyone?

Must remember to bring the bb gun/slingshot/spear gun for the campers next door that bring the generator and Kareoke machine

See, I knew they were important things I’d forget.
Thanks a lot.
What else?

One of the best things I got for camping was a self-inflating sleeping pad. Cheap (around NT$300 if I remember right – you can get 'em at RT Mart) and very comfortable, especially if you have to pitch your tent on one of those wooden platforms. They roll up small enough that you can strap them to your backpack and are WAY better than those crappy foam pads.

A tarp…Largest you can carry.

Multi-purpose, from making a small shelter outside to extra protection from the rain. You can tie them off to trees or use bamboo to erect yourself a nice little shelter. It sucks to be stuck in your tent during inclement weather, and a tarp will give you the option to stay outdoors.

They are cheap as well…A 12X12 foot tarp is only 300NT.

Enjoy your trip… :slight_smile: