Camping/mountaineering equipment shops?

are there any areas in taipei where there are numerous shops selling camping/mountaineering equipment eg tents, cookers etc…

sort of like a “camping/mountaineering” district …

what do you all think?



Go to the junction of Zhongxiao E Rd and Chungshan North Road (very close to Taipei Main station) and head north, staying on the west side of the road. There are quite a few shops in that block. Note that some of them have more than one level.

Once you pass all of those, continue up to Shimin Blvd, cross diagonally, and after about 20 meters (still heading north, but on the east side now), you’ll see MetrOasis (there’s also an upstairs there).

There’s also a bunch in (XInYi?) the same street as the AIT, between Jian Guo and Fu XIng.