Can a foreigner work for Uber eats?

I want to work for Uber eats. I have an ARC through marriage, a license and a brand new gogoro. Is there anything holding me back being a foreigner? There shouldn’t be any discrimination against foreigners working for Uber eats right? It’s not illegal is it?

I recently quit my job and need some cash, but I can’t teach English because I don’t have a degree. Is uber eats a legal option for me?


then, you have a work right with no need of work permit. Can do any jobs with the same credentials with taiwanese, except for few jobs such as lawmakers etc.

Add: I’m assuming your spouse is a taiwanese citizen.


Can you speak Mandarin? When the presumably Taiwanese boss and customers are barking about food orders and addresses, you can understand right?

If so, I see no reason you can’t get a job being a delivery person.

Thanks for the reply @tando

I can understand enough hopefully :laughing:


And … don’t eat the food, just deliver it!:wink: BTW, it’s a high risk job, driving between nut jobs all the time, take a good insurance.


Not just Mandarin… in Taiwan that isn’t always enough because a LOT of blue collar types will bark at you in Taiwanese. So you have to learn that too.

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True enough.

OP here. I lost my login info.

I don’t speak Taiwanese. Are there a lot of blue collar workers ordering overpriced sandwiches thru Uber eats?

I doubt I’ll need to even speak more than a few words in Chinese. I’m much more worried about being smushed by a bus.


The Uber eats app operates in English and Taiwan wants to be a bilingual country. There really shouldn’t be a problem as long as there’s no illegal stuff prohibiting me from working for them. I don’t see anything regarding a language requirement.

Does anyone on the forum have experience driving for Uber or doing delivery for Uber eats? How much of the language skill is really involved? I don’t think I’ve ever said a word to any Uber driver I’ve ever had before. Although Uber eats might be different?

“Wants” is different than “is” or even “will be in the near future”.

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Question: do you have a local driver’s license?

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Welcome to the forum.

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What do you hope to earn? Just asking.

Just because they’re blue collar doesn’t mean they’re poor or they can’t enjoy life!

Some of those hobo looking blue collar, binglang eating people make more than even those expats do! And they might want to order from Uber Eats too.

A few…Most of them are poor enough.

Ohh no! I’m not saying that they are poor. Most blue collar Taiwanese I know make much much more than their office working friends. I was just implying that they aren’t up on the Uber eats “trend” and probably have a preference for 90$ lunchboxes opposed to $399 peanut butter 美式 hamburgers. I’m in noway looking down on blue collar workers.

Most I know are much richer than expats.

I think probably around 1.5-2k per day? That seems posible talking to other drivers in Taiwan. I just can’t seem to find an answer to how well your Chinese speaking ability needs to be to get “hired”.

Does a degree stop you from teaching if you have legal work rights? There are other jobs you can do, like tutoring.

So, the Uber delivery for foreigners who wish to get into it; is it worth it? How much Chinese ability is required?

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