Can a foreigner work for Uber eats?

My friend does it and he says quite a lot.

Addresses are always wrong, or drop off point hard to find, so you need to be confident on the phone finding out where things actually need to go…

Ha! UberBinlang™ is born!:crazy_face: I’ll hire short skirted foreign girls and put them on a sexy Gogoro!


I have a sudden craving for Binglang…


She’s on her way!



Colonel Chapman is watching you. :eye:

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maybe you could work the night shift? A lot of people here order from uber eats friday-sunday night

My son worked delivery for them for a while in Taipei (Too lazy to get a regular job). He is Taiwanese/Canadian, speaks fluent English and Mandarin but minimal Taiwanese, and had no problem. Further south it might be a difficulty.

Good way to make money short term

What’s Taiwanese? Hokkien, Hakka?

Google really helps answering that question…

I want to do the same thing, but when trying to apply, they want me to scan in my Taiwan ID. I don’t have a Taiwan ID, I have a Permanent ARC. Anybody knows what I can do? I have tried everything but I haven’t been able to contact any human to talk to at Uber Eats.

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Does anybody know how I can apply for delivering with Uber Eats? Everything is via automatic web pages, including the registry, and they didn’t accept my Permanent ARC photo instead of a Taiwanese ID. There is no way to contact any actual human, either.

PS. I also tried Foodpanda, they actually answered and told me they only accept TW ID, no ARC - but since my working rights should be the same as any Taiwanese with my Permanent ARC, isn’t that a discrimination?


Good question!

I think it’s clear-cut discrimination.

Is he foreigner? Can you please ask him how he got into it?


Working for Uber eats is probably a more effective way to learn than any university course :laughing:


There is no such thing as discrimination in Taiwan. You foreigners just don’t understand how things work here.


Just report them to the labor department.


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… sorry got it