Can a student ever apply for an APRC?

As the subject suggests, is it possible for a student studying Chinese for over 5 even 7 years apply and receive an APRC or any kind of permanent residency without getting married?

Aren’t you only allowed to study Chinese for three years, after which you have to apply for a degree course?

I heard from the FAP that you can’t anymore after some joker got his after attending University for 7 years. They changed the rules for this very reason. Ahh the good old days of tealit forums and CLI. I do miss battle-scarred.

I think the laws have changed recently so that you can only study for 2 years and then you must leave and apply again. But what if you have lived and studied in Taiwan for over 5 years without leaving like some of the people I know who think they can apply for permanent residency.

I would imagine they would be looking veeeery closely at the students’ financial records.

From my understanding and it may be flawed as I have no skin in the game thanks to my JFRV. You may study Chinese for 2 years and then you may apply for a degree program, but Chinese study is only for 2 years, after that it’s go to Uni for a degree or get out. This being Taiwan means things may change depending on your situation, but as far as getting Permanent residency through studying, I think they will laugh you out the door.

Hahaha, just what I was thinking. I’ve been in Taiwan over 7 years on a work permit and I was refused an APRC for the reason that I left after I finished one contract for a couple of months and then returned to start a new one. Talk about being a tight-ass