Can an employer force you to not talk about your salary in Taiwan?

Oh, the bullshit you were commenting on was the “no discrimination here” bit. Totally agree with that.

The owner does think that the white male FOB deserves it, though. Otherwise they wouldn’t pay it.

White women FOB deserve it even more, btw. They are the ideal demographic for young learners in for profit schools.

in that case, the FWG (Fob White Guy) is not hired as a teacher, but hired as a male model, isn’t it fair to pay him for all the years he invested in becoming a handsome young man?

Teaching here is competitive market, and salaries are pretty transparent and known even with a “no salary talk” contract, there is no reason for anyone to agree to less than what they think they are worth.
If you know your experience and skill is worth 750 an hour, why go for a school that offer 500?


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