Can anybody give recommendations to interesting Youtube channels from Taiwan (國語)?

Hello all. In my pursuit to improve my Mandarin, I am wondering if you know about Taiwanese Youtubers with interesting content, bonus points if it has Mandarin subtitles. The latest threads discussing this are pretty old and it would be awesome to find new ones given how fast the Youtube environment can change.

I already like 老外看中國、老外看台灣, and 這群人. But most of the stuff that is ‘recommended’ is either music videos, makeup, or esports gaming related.

It depends on what you consider interesting I guess. I tend to enjoy video essays more.

Taiwan Bar is video essays on history and social issues

The Sci-tadel

My personal favorite is TKStory. He’s an American Born Chinese Youtuber living in Taipei. Covers some interesting topics about Taiwan, ways he raises his kids, does some interesting challanges that aren’t trends, staying green and occasionally vlogs.

I believe he has a few videos with subtitles, but not all.

Thanks for the recommendations! I have seen TKstory and he is awesome. I was thinking about him when some friends and I were discussing if we could survive on a 100-150ntd budget for food a day.

I think his most interesting challenge is creating zero waste when going to Shilin night market. Check that one out.

He also did a Huan Dao to clean beaches around the island, which was really cool.

What I find most interesting is his wife is ok with him doing all these things and sometimes partakes in his ridiculous challenges.

Isn’t ‘Odd Cactus’ a forumosan’s YouTube channel? It’s pretty creepy.