Can anybody translate my lease?


So I don’t read chinese well enough to be able to read my lease. I forget some of the exact details of the stipulations and I guess it would also be good to confirm that the thing actually says what my landlord told me it says since I pretty much just had to trust that they weren’t lying to me. If anybody would be kind enough to translate it for me that would be great, it shouldn’t take too long maybe like 10 minutes for a good speaker/reader. Having a possible issue (see my other thread) so kinda need to be sure what this thing says by tomorrow! The first page I was able to figure out myself.

Thanks in advance

Should be able to view it all here, but I will post links as well -




I can translate it, but I charge NT$2 per Chinese character (discount price). :smiley:

In seriousness, I’d take a look but the photos are kind of low-res. When I zoom in the text becomes illegible. Give me better quality versions and I’ll tell you if there’s anything that should alarm you.

Awesome, will do. Actually those photos were resized for ease of readability on the forum so I uploaded the full size photos. Should be viewable at this link Let me know if its still no good


This is a standard contract, the kind you buy at any stationery/convenience store. Is there anything added by hand? Any specifications?

Handwritten portions -which I don’t see here in the photograph- should include monthly rent rate and amount of deposit given. Plus a list of items if the place was furnished. Those portions are the ones anyone should review. Hongkongwei can help you with the standard contract, but the modifications by hand are vital. Take good pictures of those and post if you want him to help.

For safety, you should have photographed/filmed/recorded on paper somewhere in the contract the items present when you moved. Meaning, a list of say the TV, fridge, etc. otherwise, a bad landlord may claim they left a Picasso in your house and charge you for it -meaning keep your deposit, at least. This is very useful in case something gets damaged or breaks down.

also important is whether the landlord wrote if the contract can be used to claim rent deductible when paying your taxes or not. Most often, they write NOT.

Thanks Icon, thats basically what I gathered, that this was a pretty standard contract which they bought in a store. The only things they wrote in it by hand I was there in person when they wrote it and explaining it to me which are like the dates of the lease, monthly rent, how much of the deposit I already paid, that’s all on the first page and I know what everything is there so I didn’t post it. There is something about taxes in there, but I’m not sure exactly what it says. Either way I don’t think I’m going to have to be paying taxes since I’m a student and only gonna be here for 7 months.

I will take a photo of all items in the apartment, that’s a good idea, there doesn’t seem to be a list in the contract.

Though actually now I do see a place where there seems to be a space to record the current condition and we didnt write anything in there. Will take a pic later and post it up, actually got run now

Return it to the landlord/lady as you found out.
Don’t sublet without permission.
Ask before you change any hardware in the place.
You have to pay a month’s rent (probably deducted from security deposit, though it’s not written explicitly) if you leave before the contract’s up, and you have no right to complain about it.

That’s all pretty standard, though. Nothing funny here.

I had a landlady who by rights could have kept a large part of my security deposit since I scratched up the wooden floor quite a bit. But we were on good terms and she was really nice so I ended up getting the whole thing back. Really, the contract is only there to help resolve disputes which might arise. If you’re nice and patient and get on the landlord/lady’s good side, there’s not much to worry about it.

In my contract, we listed the things provided by the landlady one-by-one, as well as which day I had to pay my rent by.

Ok great, thanks hok, that’s mostly what I gathered from it, but that reassurance is greatly appreciated.

also important is whether the landlord wrote if the contract can be used to claim rent deductible when paying your taxes or not. Most often, they write NOT.[/quote]

Does this make any legal difference? I know they would get in trouble with the tax office if you declare a deduction and they did not declare the rental, but I don’t think anything they write in the contract can prevent you from claiming anyway, can it?

Technically, no, but it is a heads up. You file, you find a new place.