Can anyone be undeniably hot?

We all have different tastes, granted. But when we look at someone that is at one extreme or another on the physical beauty scale, there tends to be more agreement. But not always. Sometimes there is enormous disparity. For example, I don’t get how some people can say Vanessa Mae is anything short of TOTALLY hot. I’ve really been trying to figure out a native friend’s taste. He and many of our native friends think Vanessa Mae isn’t all that (if you don’t know who she is, just do a google image search and catch your jaw before it hits the floor). I kept sending pictures to him at work trying to bring him to the side of reason and his coworkers were equally unimpressed. Conformity in motion I’m sure, but c’mon…she’s…beyond words. I get the same thing when I mention Lucy Liu and Michelle Yeoh to local guys. Instead they go for Zhang Ziyi who’s stuck at age 12.

It’s all conditioning you may say. But my native friend went to high school and college in the States and more specifically, through puberty. His hotness receptors were on overhaul but he didn’t process the programming, nah mean?

I know some people’s looks can generate a range of responses. But I’m talking about the percentile that by my ranks couldn’t fit all the decimal places in 10 lines.


Just when I thought some things were universal…

I am going to take a wild guess based on your avatar and say “Jein”

dear allbringer,

you answered your own question with your first sentence. we all have different tastes. some like coke, some like pepsi, i think they both suck. some like that girl elliot on scrubs. i think shes a skank. i did look up vanessa mae and she is a complete doll. why do you have to have everyone agree with you? live and let live. love and let love. jm.

ps. i have been a member here since september but this is my first post. i am traveling to taipei in feb and mar of '05. cant wait. hope to meet some of you there. jm

I don’t have to have everyone agree with me. I think it’s great actually. Most local guys aren’t turned on by the same look. It improves the odds my way. I’m just surprised, that’s all.

I hope the rest of you can sense the underlying sarcasm and not feel compelled to prescribe some cliche ideology.

oh so sorry i missed the sarcasm. i guess i only picked up on your obsessive compulsive disorder with miss mae.

good luck improving your chances of meeting her.

all the best. jm

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I can see why a native taiwanese would not think she is hot

  1. Eyes too far apart
  2. nose too large
  3. lips too full
  4. Jaw line too square

Compare to the current set of idol girls in Taiwan pop culture, Vanessa, is sort of a little outside the bell curve.

I’m an american and I don’t think she is all that…don’t get me wrong, I’d still do her…but she’s not that hot.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I judge Zhang Ziyi (left) to be hotter than Vanessa Mae (right).

This makes me laugh! Make it a poll option, I’ll vote for it.

I thought this thread was going to be about StragBasher, what a studmuffin.

I digress, due to new evidence submitted by twocs, I’d say that Zhang Ziyi can approach hotness when she does the slutty look. Using the term hot does imply raw sex appeal, but I think Vanessa can do the suttle sexiness thing.

Vanessa Mae, IMO, is ok, but not hot. Zhang Ziyi is more to my tastes, and hot. However, my wife, IMO, is hotter than both of them. My wife also thinks that Vanessa Mae is anything but hot.

So, tastes vary. My tastes are probably close to Taiwanese people.

I think u’d be able to a consensus of a non-asian person. I’m not sold on Vanessa Mae either though she’s a great artist.


Plain Jane, plus she is Singaporean :smiling_imp:

How about that guy that set himself on fire at the White House? Hot? Undeniably so.

Her knees are too sharp.

To answer the OP’s question: Yes…most definitely. … call04.jpg

What? Try Karen Mok, or Qi Shu…now thats hot!

Qi Shu is hot.