Can anyone explain this?

Got this in an email… I’m married to a Taiwanese… should I be worried? Can anyone explain what this means?

[quote]Advisory Warning for Taiwan
Non-Republic of China nationals on Taiwan or the occupied islands are strongly advised to avoid opening or using banks on, or associated with Taiwan.

The following warning/advisory specifically applies to baking for all non-Republic of China nationals living, working or traveling on Taiwan or the occupied territories of the Republic of China.

The occupational authority of the Republic of China as, as part of an ongoing effort to promote greater racial superiority of Republic of China nationals, decreed that non-ROC nationals with banking or financial accounts in banks or financial institutions in ROC territory, be denied access to any funds or monies locally or abroad held by banks in the territory of the Republic of China, if they do not poses a residency document (ARC) or ROC passports issued by that authority.

Non-ROC nationals who fail to withdraw monies or assets in a specified time may forfeit those accounts or assets to confiscation by the the occupational authorities without notification or re-numeration of non ROC nationals.

Further more, that same occupational government has initiated policies to arbitrarily and through extra judicial means, revoke Alien Resident Certificates (ARC) and deport from the territory any foreign national without right of appeal or judicial oversight thus, depriving minorities on Taiwan of their basic human rights and effectively stealing any assets non ROC nationals may have in local banks.

This warning/advisory specifically applies to immigrants, migrants, foreign spouses, laborers, teachers, domestic helpers, foreign engineers, business executives and dependents numbering 500,000 to 1,00,000 people or approximately 2% to 5% of the population on Taiwan who do not posses Republic of China passports or ROC national identification cards.

This advisory has been issued by SSETT the defacto foreign teachers union and advocacy group on Taiwan.

Sounds like an early warning that China’s taking over. Everyone pack your bags and get out while the gettin’ is good. Be forwarned. The emergency sirens will be sounding and it will be utter chaos in the streets.

It’s Aristotle again. A crackpot with delusions of grandeur. He’s pretty funny. Him and his one-man SSEET. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: I think he actually got himself banned from Forumosa a year or two back because of his paranoid ramblings on a variety of issues.
Check out some of his other warnings – Apparently you should avoid Chiayi or risk getting raped. I can’t remember some of his other nonsense, but it’s always good for a laugh.

How much dope would you need to smoke to get that paranoid?

:saywhat: I’ve been in Chiayi four years and no one has even attempted to rape me. I must not be cute enough. :idunno:

Don’t worry, x08. The guy that sent it to you is… ummm… “special”.