Can anyone read this?

and tell me what it says???


็™ธๆœซๆ˜ฅ้™Œ็Ÿณ [ๆŽ][้™Œ็Ÿณๆ›ธ็•ซ]
itโ€™s a poem tribute to bamboo

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

can i be cheeky and ask exactly what it says?

If itโ€™s any help, the poem was written by Zheng Banqiao (Chang Pan-Chโ€™iao), also known as Zheng Xie (Cheng Hsieh), an official, poet and painter of the Qing Dynasty.

(Thank you Google for enabling me to feign scholarship.)

My poor attempt at a translation without a dictionary to hand:

One section mimics? another,
A thousand sticks sprout? ten thousand leaves,
I willingly? do not bear flowers,
In order not to ??? bees and butterflies.

(Sorry, neither literature nor classical Chinese is my field.)

no worries thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: