Can anyone recommend a cheap hostel/hotel in Hong Kong?

My wife and I are arriving in Hong Kong at 9:00 next Sunday night, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a cheapish hostel or hotel that isn’t too dirty or scary. I won’t get into town until 10:30 or 11:00, so I was hoping to have it sorted out before I got there.

I stayed at Mirador Mansions several years ago, and it would be okay if I had a specific place to go to that isn’t too nasty. I wouldn’t worry if it was just me, but I don’t want my wife to freak out (she’s Taiwanese). I read a horror story on the Lonely Planet site about a girl who was hospitalized from a bedbug attack in a Chungking hostel, I really don’t want anything like this.

An actual hotel that isn’t too expensive would also be good, probably better.

Any ideas?

Take a taxi to silvermine bay on the other side of Lantau and stay at the hotel there.

It’s a more or less pristine little bay, lowrises, and there’s a boat to Central which only takes 25 minutes.

I think that you can get it for 80US$ or so per night if you hit a special - you can go to bustling HK in no time, and once you are tired of the concrete jungle, you can retreat to your own little paradise.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to China beach, a bar in the immediate vicinity.

If you wantg to live in the center of things, there are deals available here:

I would happy pay HK$100 per night extra for not living in nanking or mirador mansions. A room with a window… and perhaps a bed long enough for a foreigner…

But i would not stay in central HK anyways.

a great place I have stayed at in Kaoloon(sp?) has been the Rent A Room hostel.

Here’s the number 852-2369-9831. Web address is … _kong.html

Best of luck

The New Garden Hostel on the 13th floor of Mirador Mansions is low-end but clean. It has single and double rooms as well as two dorms. There are some other OK-looking places in Mirador Mansions.