Can anyone recommend a good computer speaker system?

My Cambridge Soundworks speaker system is getting old in the tooth (something like 5 years old, at least). I’d like to replace it with a nicer set.

Any suggestions?

If you are in Taipei wander around guang hua shang chang until you find a shop that has loads of speakers then ask the shop people to turn on and off the speakers you are interested in while you close your eyes and listen and try to compare to see which is the best one, because only your ears know what you like.

I’ve got a 5.1 Altec Lansing 251 system that goes for about TWD4000 that’s OK for that price range, though I’ve been thinking of upgrading to something a bit better. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Klipsch, but the systems of theirs I’ve been drooling over go for about USD500, so it’s pretty pricey, and most shops here don’t carry stuff that high end. Most shops go up to about TWD6000-7000 and occasionally you’ll see a TWD10k setup with optical input support. Klipsch makes audiophile stuff, so their ‘multimedia’ line is not just a cheapie amp and speakers. I haven’t looked into it that much, but the Klipsch website lists their distributor as Jazz Hipster Corp with phone number 02-2222-5678, so you could call them up and ask which shops sell the Klipsch multimedia line. Please post what you end up with.

I haven’t got a souped-up enough sound card to go for a $500 speaker system. Something like the Altec-Lansing is more in the range I’m considering. From what I’ve read over the years, one should be able to get a decent sound system for 4-5,000 NT. But I think we only have access to a portion of the decent systems on the market, which is why I’m wondering what systems folks here have used and how they’ve liked them.

It depends on what set you’re currently using and how much you want to spend. If it’s just for listening to music, then get a nice Altec Lansing 2.1 system. I’ve seen some Cambridge systems around also. A 50 RMS Watt system should do nicely…no particular experience buying speakers here though. I brought my Boston Acoustics 2.1 system with me from the US.

Some brands to avoid are Osaki, Yamada and anything else that looks nice but flimsy.

I’ve been happy with my jbl creature II. Pretty cheap and the sound is fairly clean.

i’ve got a set of midiland speakers, i dont remember the model number, but it is a 5.1, awesome sound

Are there suitable systems that I can switch between my laptop and my xbox/TV/DVD system? (I do NOT have an amp with the TV set up)

Does your laptop have a digital (5.1) output, either coaxial or optical?

Your XBox and DVD player have, but haven’t seen it for laptops …

Theoretically, all you need is a RCA composite male to 3.5mm female cable. Plug the RCA into your TV audio outs and the speaker input into the other end. I haven’t personally looked for one but I’m pretty sure they exist.

Also, the Logitech 2.1 and 4.1 systems are highly rated.

As a side note, here’s a really cool product for you iTunes users on Mac and Windows. You can pump your music to anywhere in your flat, to any system with this 802.11b/g-based module. It also works as a travel wireless base station, no bigger than a small power brick. This is one of the coolest things to come down recently. It has:

  1. a sony mini plug out for use with an external/remote sound system
  2. support for optional optical out
  3. a usb port for making a printer wireless
  4. a ethernet port of course for plugging into your internet source

I was doing some web searches and find a shop that has a great selection of speaker systems. They have my current system for TWD3200 which is much less than I paid for it, and they have the Klipsch system I’ve been droolind over for a mere TWD17999, or a more basic Klipsch set for TWD9999. Soon as I win the lottery, I’ll head on down.

Looks like they have shops in Taipei (Guanghua) and Taichung.

Here’s the page of speaker systems:

And their main page:

They have a neat guide to getting to their Taipei store with pictures, so even if you don’t read Chinese you should understand: … Taipei.htm

For the Taichung store the directions aren’t as complete, but the address is in English:

I picked up the same system at 3C for TWD2700 a couple of weeks ago. Great sound for the price.

Is that the one? Do you think this would be ok for a restaurant? alleycat’s specifically?


Is that the one? Do you think this would be ok for a restaurant? alleycat’s specifically?[/quote]

Yes, you do need new speakers in Alleycats!!! Last time I was there the opera music was killing the speaker!

I’ll go pick that system up tomorrow then.

Yup, that’s the same one, and I think it would be much too small for a restaurant. You’re welcome to come have a listen sometime to mine though. I might be way more picky than you are about sound.

Also you’ll need some speaker wire to go with it, as the ones it comes with are only maybe 12 feet long for the surround speakers, about 8 foot for the main speakers. And also my main complaint with this set is that the volume knob is on the right front speaker, which makes it hard to adjust if you have the speakers spread out. Better systems come with a separate volume control box so you can put the speakers anywhere. This also means that the cable for the right speaker cannot be extended because it is a special cable.

Some other things to add to your list, Alleycat:

Strobe Light
Fog Machine
ABBA Box Set

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