Can China invade Taiwan successfully?

Just prefer not to live in an area which they consider to be the likely site of ground warfare. But then i guess one could evacute to the north.

Well, they might try the Taoyuan beaches too.

D Day required 7000 ships a few thousand planes and 150,000 troops.

Not exactly like China could hide any buildup for an invasion. Taiwan also has missiles that can reach Beijing and other parts of China. Thing is nowadays ships and planes are easily targeted with missiles.

And drones to punch holes in every oil tanker from Shanghai to Hainan Island.


Start getting a great relationship with your bank. :bank:

I wouldn’t buy anything on the south western coast. Wind is going the wrong way and the mountains are too small to help out with temperatures.

I wish the southeastern section of the island were better developed. But it seems the villages are squeezed into ravines. And I’m afraid of torrential rains from super slow moving super typhoons .:cyclone:

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That map is a nice reminder that if they want to take Taipei, not only do they still have to fight the troops up there, but they have to fight up the length of thebisland to get there. Kaohsiung won’t be spared, but it makes little sense to concentrate the landings here

This is true, and comforting

What we don’t know is the quality of those Taiwanese missiles, or the missile defences of the Chinese. Those known unknowns matter, we’ll see

I wonder how many US missiles are already on the island? Like Harpoons and Stingers?

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Enough to make a porcupine I’d guess.

They see my paycheck and spending habits

Best weather on the island

If I were retired now I might look elsewhere, but there is also the lower chance of natural disaster. There are pockets of undeveloped agricultural land that are a bit damp and shady. Sucks for farming but noticeably cool when you pass through. Some raised planting beds with drainage and chickens might be enough to satisfy the government in land that isn’t even fit for pineapple?

If China blockades or something, that’s the kind of place I’d want to have anyways. I grew up on a place like that

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Throw up a banana tree or two. The stipulations are embarrassing. :see_no_evil:

But to build a proper house you’ll need. 740 ping lot, minimum.

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This report also said that the beaches are shallow, and transports would have to unload a mile out from land. Not sure how that compares to Normandy. Looked like Normandy was very close to land, and still tons of guys got tore up before they got out of the water.

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Ukraine could escalate against Russia no problem but they have limited the attacks, I suspect because of the nukes Russia has. NATO as well has decided not to go in for what I assume is similar reasons.

I don’t think China will sit back chill while their oil tankers get hit. Plus for every time Ukraine hit inside Russia, Russia purposefully targeted residential areas to be spiteful. And of course the nukes again.

Good point.

Good point.

You both make good points. I don’t have a satisfactory solution, though.

But I hope Taiwan gets to keep its regime of self-government and basic rights.


Damn that’s the most interesting video I’ve seen on this subject pretty much ever.

Actually we do. The one they accidently fired from a warship in Kaohsiung went to the target area, went into self find mode and then found a vessel and struck it killing the captain of a fishing vessel. It did not explode as it did not hit a hard steel ship.


Not reassuring :sweat_smile:

Yeah its so accurate it went through the wheel house of a small vessel after going into self search mode.

The missile’s targeting system tracked the fishing boat, which happened to be in its path, causing a direct hit, Admiral Mei said. But the missile, which has a delayed fuse to increase damage to large vessels like aircraft carriers, ripped through the small boat without exploding, he said

I don’t see this as an example of a properly functioning system…

I was reading about the Japanese invasion of Taiwan recently. They went with landing all the troops at Keelung and then sweeping down the west coast.

OK. But this is how it was designed to function, to get to a designated area then self search for any target and hit that target. It functioned properly as it was designed to do.