Can China invade Taiwan successfully?

It was 0.96% in 2012, sank to 0.91% in 2017, and in 2022 soared to 1.08%

That bad? Why was this not included in the article? That’s bad reporting.

I see they plan to increase to 2% of GDP (what NATO countries are supposed to be spending). I guess we’ll see.

– Traditionally pacifist Japan plans to double its defense spending, from 1 to 2% of GDP over the next five years. This would lift Japan from ninth to third among the world’s leading countries in terms of military spending. And Japan could become a normal military power for the first time in the postwar period.

Perhaps the shift in their (Japan’s) pacifist stance is the real news here. But yeah, the 1% of GDP on defense is terrible.

Matt Pottinger’s take on Taiwan and Tiktok.

Interesting that he considers TikTok to be at the top of National Security threats. I like the point he made where FDR signed into law similar restrictions to keep foreign powers (the Nazis) from controlling our press considering so many people are getting their news from TikTok

Pretty indefensible position for the TikTok apologist.

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