Can China invade Taiwan within a year?

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The self-governing island, about 100 miles east of China, is weighing wartime scenarios in the face of growing military aggression from its vastly more powerful neighbor. If cell towers are down and internet cables have been cut, the ability of shortwave radio frequencies to transmit long-distance messages could become crucial for civilians and officials alike. . . .

The use of ham radio is not yet officially part of that equation. But for T.H. Schee, a Taiwanese tech entrepreneur who hosts lectures on civil defense, the devices seem like a natural solution to his topmost concern: securing communication capabilities in the face of an attack. “Ham radio has been proven to be [a] reliable communication channel in several world wars, and the Ukraine-Russia conflict as well,” Schee said.

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Is China gearing up for another Pelosi type response?

Joe Biden’s lunatic admin trying to start ww3.

Nah, it’s just gravity. With Lunatics like Xi in charge, just a matter of time

Much easier to say and spell than Thucydides (oh, but I got the spelling right on the first try!)

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