Can China invade Taiwan within a year?

Show me the official page(s) that contains it.

US public opinions don’t like China and that’s China’s own doing. A lot of you fellow Forumosa members here like to attribute things to Taiwan but things are not caused by Taiwan actually. And frankly,

US public opinions don’t have to care or know about Taiwan (or Korea, or any place similar) in order to cause US to militarily operate in such place. All it takes is China sufficiently antagonizes US general public. China’s own doing is enough to cause resentment.

I don’t see it. Could you show us 3 exampkes from 3 users in the past 3 weeks?

Agreed, the government has the power to do so

Did the average US citizen care about Kuwait before Iraq invaded it? Absolutely not. Whether US generally public cares about the victim country is irrelevant in reality and in history.

What matters is, if you are a country that plans to invade another country, you better make sure in doing so you do not cause US public to hate you, especially if you are already making yourself resented even before you launch an attack.


Considering this thread started back in 2018, I feel like it should get a new thread every year like the typhoon and earth quake threads. It’s pretty much a dud for 4 years and going.

They practically said they didn’t care, I went looking for a quote but couldn’t find the one i wanted. This is good enough and eerily relevant

Spotted this on Reddit:

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like this today?
she becoming another FLG nutter?

This is such an unsourced bullshit rumor. This definitely would have blown up in the news by now if there was any truth to it.


exactly. she’s becoming a nut-case. Yes, FLGers get harassed by ChiComms, but by and large, FLGers are “out there”

“I’m being prosecuted by my government because of my religion, Fa Lun Gong” = common tactic for not FLG Chinese people trying to gain easy US citizenship.

But also, Q-Annon supporters love FLG, so yeah, they’re generally “out there”.

I seen Chinese nationals do this.

They would have groups who pays them airfare, etc. to go to Mexico, then jump the border. When caught they were fed a line to tell ICE that they were Falung Gong/Christian/Gay and being persecuted by CCP. I shit you not. Met a bunch of them in immigration.

It’s all bullshit of course, and they still swear their undying loyalty to the CCP, etc.

Some of them have decent lives in China too.

Unfortunately, the chance of getting asylum is kinda a roll of the dice. The US also grants very little asylum and keeps them in immigration jail meanwhile. EU is better if you want to claim asylum.

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Jennifer Zeng is a FLG nutter. She has been a source for total misinformation for decades.

I read her autobiography about 15 years ago and you could tell she was lying in that as well, as some parts didn’t make sense


Actually I’m pretty sure ICE or whatever immigration judge knows that most asylum story is fake, but if they keep denying most cases they can’t propagate the narrative that China is bad…