Can Chinese Windows XP use English?

A friend of mine has bought a computer here.

It came with Chinese windows xp home edition. His problem is that his Chinese is non-existing, so he does not understand any menus etc.

Is there an update or a patch somewhere, which can make menus etc into English? (German will do as well rascal :wink: ).

His best bet is to load English XP.


Rascal is on vacation, Mr. He :wink: Besides, I’m not sure that using a German language pack would work well with Chinese Windows. All the Umlaute and special characters might be garbled. At least that’s the case when I run any software with German menu…

I had the same question a while back. The only solution I found was an English language pack for all Office XP applications. I found the CD by chance, it had come with the preinstalled Office on my company computer. I’m sure you should be able to download it somewhere. Maybe ask Alleycat? or Ax?


You can’t switch scripts with Windows XP. Your friend needs to install the English or German version of XP. Macs and Linux can both do this.

Thanks, the guy is a bit anxious about this as he needs his computer on a daily basis. Better tell him to get an english version then.

Can you buy an english windows in Taiwan and where?

Copy it off someone. He’s already paid for one right? It’s just in the wrong language.


Greetings from Phuket.

Forget language packs and the like, tried this but with limited success only.
Better get a real English or German version …

Oh, did I mention it’s nice and warm here … ? :wink:

Get the english version…
If you need my help, PM me…I do social work too :slight_smile: