Can Dentists/Doctors in TW refuse based on nationality

Does anyone know of a dentist or doctor can refuse you (patients) based on Nationality? Because during April I my wife made an appointment with a dentist for me. When I came for the appointment a day later the dentist refused reasoning as a foreigner I was at greater risk for Covid. And I likely had foreign friends. Also as someone from the USA it was more dangerous to be there. She even stated her patients did not want foreigners there. I have not been back to the USA since 2016. Never had Covid or quarantined. What gives? It’s legal?

What dentist?

how did your wife (presuming she’s Taiwanese) handle the situation?

In these Covid days many people are not on their best behavior

My wife argued that anyone in the office could have Covid and how I hadn’t been abroad or quarantined. And why she ever made an appointment with us. Also get this she treated my Taiwanese nephew weeks later.(unknowingly) who I have had physical contact with. We angrily left.

And yes my wife is Taiwanese as is nephew.

A lady dentist in Hsin Dien.

I don’t recall any government covid measures that included any blanket treatment of foreigners. Then again, I’m not sure how much latitiude clinics were given in the interest of preventing a covid outbreak. I’d report it to health authorities and New Taipei. Were you able to document it?


We believe she had a camera, and she had us in her appointment book. Other than that my friend (Taiwanese) went by to question her about it. She told him it wasn’t cause Iwas foreign, but no first timers right now. But my friend said you would know that from your records. Also she said wife called to schedule. My wife never did. It was in person.

Sounds pretty dodgy. I don’t see why a “no first timers” policy would make any sense.

Yeah us as well. She seemed afraid of foreigners, but she took no temperature and took the appointment the day before. Also she was still taking patients.

you have many things you can do.
go to 里長.
go to administrative district office in Hsindien.
go to local Legislative Yuan politician.
Take @Marco’s lead and just do it.

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Yeah a Taiwanese friend said maybe do the same. I assume there must be something protecting patients from being refused for these nonsensical reasons. Wasn’t like I was drunk and disorderly.

If you’ve documented all of this send it in the direction of the K-Man.

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The “K” man?

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Thanks to everyone that helped on this thread. We came in for an appointment that had been made in good faith, we were polite. We had masks as well. The dentist was quite rude to us in tone and manner. She even lied to a friend that asked why I was denied. Dentist stated that my wife made the appointment over the phone. She made it in person and we can prove it now. I was in some pain as well. If I have not been outside of Taiwan in several years what bearing does my nationality have to do with safety? Someone explain. She stated foreign people carry the virus more, foreign people can not come in, but she knew I was foreign ahead of time. Is that appropriate? Anyway we went to another dentist, he was shocked that she said these things, he took us with no problem. It has been reported that some non Taiwanese were not allowed in some facilities even if they were residents that had not traveled in several years unless they could prove it, but not Taiwanese we both think that is wrong.


Normally I’d say report her to the dentist association as I don’t think they would look at that action in a positive light. But I guess things are resolved now and that is the best revenge…Taking your money elsewhere to someone who treats you as human.

For Taipei City, someone’s collecting data on cases like this. I don’t know much about it, but here is the form:


If, even given her medical training background, she really believes that then she did you a favor by not taking the appointment. I wouldn’t want someone with such a poor grasp of logic working on my teeth. Where in xindian is her practice? I’d really like to avoid it!