Can employers deduct labor insurance payments from salary?

Can employers deduct labor insurance payments from salary?
If so, what percentage of my salary should I expect to be deducted?

Yes, they can. I’m not sure if it’s based on percentage of salary, or a fixed amount. I get an amount subtracted every month for this.

This is for a larger Taiwan based corporation…not sure if it works this way for every employer.

It depends on your category. You may check Articles 13~17 of Labor Insurance Act.

Teacher, but earning at least 120k a month, usually more.

There’s compulsory laobao, and then there’s voluntary laobao. Buxibans by default are voluntary because they’re supposedly not “businesses” (according to the BLI). However, as soon as an employer registers one employee for laobao, it becomes a compulsory laobao unit.

If in doubt, ask the BLI whether or not your employer has compulsory laobao, whether or not you’re actually registered, and what salary your employer is reporting to the BLI.

Laobao (labor insurance) should not be confused with teacher’s insurance, which iirc only applies to “school” teachers i.e. not buxiban teachers.

I pay 982 for health insurance and 870 for labor insurance.

Labor Insurance is something that a good school will deduct from your salary. My school deducts labor insurance. They also deduct health insurance. Having said that, I work at one of the rare schools (about 5 years) where everything is very straightforward, and kids are put before cash ^^


my school deducts both of them from my salary

I wish all the schools in Taiwan would do the same for everyone. I have worked for a private school that didn’t offer the basics as you have mentioned. The policies can be confusing to understand for most people.

Where is your school located? Are they hiring? I have a good friend who is a really good teacher that’s looking for employment in Taipei.

Hi Nomad,

If you or your friend is looking for a teaching position in Taipei, I know a school that is hiring. Add me on LINE: emjroc