Can ex cause trouble by reporting online tutoring job?

So I have a pretty crazy ex girlfriend. She has been threatening me and even tried to black mail me. She has told me she reported me to the government about a tutoring job I had online. Is this even possible to submit something like this online and will I be getting in trouble for this?

-> Is this even possible to submit something like this online?
No Idea. But I guess she knows how to use the phone or go to the immigration office.

-> and will I be getting in trouble for this?
Guess the authorities are pretty tough on “working without work permit” which means working for someone else than stated in your ARC (I guess there is the employer’s address, right? For me, it’s my wife however).

Sorry I cannot be of more help. There should be English teachers here knowing all about this situation. Must happen often, right?

Only if you are caught red handed.


How do you deal with someone like this. I ve done nothing nothing to this girl except tell her politely that I was not happy and wanted to move on. I think she has completely lost her mind. I never reply to her messages, It’s been going on two months now. With e mail to my family, threats everyday, she has even tried to blackmail me saying she was going to call immigration if I didn’t give her 3000 NT a week!

What do you do with someone like this? I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Search for ‘psycho xiaojie’. Welcome to Taiwan.

Stand your ground. Whatever you do, don’t give in to the blackmail. If she threatens to do XYZ, just say something like, “well, that’s your decision”, making it quite clear that any psycho behaviour is entirely HER problem and not yours (she spends a lot of time telling you she’s doing this because it’s your fault, right?). Record texts (with a camera) and any phone conversations if you can - the police won’t give a shit, but if she tries to sue you (not impossible) you can wheel these out as evidence that she’s psycho.

Shut down the tutoring website and tell your clients you’ve been called away “back home” to deal with a family emergency. As bigduke6 said, the immigration dept will need at least some level of proof that your ARE tutoring. They probably get nutcase calls all the time from disgruntled gfs and I’m sure they understand what’s going on. However, I assume you don’t have an APRC, so what you are doing clearly violates the terms of your visa. If you want to do stuff like this professionally, formally start a business (ask an accountant about it) and sponsor your own ARC. It’s not too difficult.

And change your address and phone number. I know it’s a pain, but the most effective solution is to simply remove yourself from the situation.

Run Cornflakes! Run!
You got the Psycho flavored Chocolate from the box, now Run!

PS: Change locations of your usual tutoring meet up. JIC she comes and starts taking pictures. Your welcome.

Document everything… keep a journal of what happens. Keep email / text messages / record in your journal times of phone calls, etc. Record answer phone messages. You never know if / when it will come in handy.

Thanks for the input. I am completely terrified of this person I haven’t really done anything wrong but I feel like she is always around the corner or something, It’s really a terrible situation. This is complete psychotic behavior, I’ve never seen anything like this before. I feel like she has me trapped because I am living in another country. I can’t even believe someone would put someone else through this.

You sound like you’re dating my ex. Her last name isn’t Lai is it? >_>

I spent a year or two living in complete fear (after SHE dumped me, but I don’t think she expected me to accept it so easily). She knew all of my fears and insecurities and drew on them to make me miserable.

But one day, after she had toned done for a couple of months, I realized that I have nothing to be afraid of. My friends all know who I am and aren’t going to go changing their minds based in what one crazy woman says. I’m confident in my strengths now to the point that waving my weaknesses in front of me doesn’t matter. It just makes her look childish.

You can pull through it, too.

Just to add to the above: let your friends know what’s going on, and if they’re good friends, they’ll support you through it. It’s not fun going through this alone. It messes with your head.

Lesson to be learned: The girls here are actually fire-spitting little dragons, no matter how cute they look.
Now, I even married one…

Has anyone ever tried contacting the family of a psycho xiaojie? Simply have a search on facebook, track down account of sibling / parent, compose message in chinese (or get Taiwanese friend to translate your English one) giving a full detailed list of their crazy behavior and that you’re worried about their mental health. Also drop in a quick threat of a lawsuit (on this island money talks)

Seeings how close families are here, and how important face is, it might stop everything immediately? That’s what I’d do anyway.

You can always do what a local here did -

Draw up leaflets (in Chinese) documenting her behaviour against you and your reasonable requests for her to correct it, then drop them in the mailboxes of every single apartment and shop on her block.

Though she might be able to sue you for defamation.

The family is usually the reason they’re psycho. Typically you’ll find that the mother (or grandmother) is as bad, or worse than, the gf, and the father is an empty burned-out shell of a man. Or that there has been some form of emotional or physical abuse. You know that thing where, when you first arrive in Taiwan and hear Chinese women babbling loudly at their husbands, and it sounds like they’re nagging and shouting at him? Well, when you learn enough Chinese, you realise this is because they are nagging and shouting at him.

I wouldn’t recommend any form of retribution: a) because the law is entirely on her side, and you will get utterly screwed over if she drags you through the courts; and (b) because you’ll never out-psycho a psycho. She’s had years and years of practice. OTOH if she really seems to be about to go through with some sort of threat, something like the leaflet idea might be worth mentioning as a counterthreat. Losing face is the worst possible thing that can happen to a Taiwanese person. Definitely don’t take this lying down - but if you can, the least painful solution is to drop off the grid for a while, and lie low until it all blows over (ie., until she finds some other unlucky sod to destroy).

You could start dating an even bigger psycho xiaojie, possibly with family in politics or the Taiwanese maffia (pretty much the same thing). A pretty good short term solution.

Or just another Taiwan girl with some psychological combat capabilities. So just any other Taiwanese girl. Because a foreigner on his own against the authorities here is like … like a mouse with a funny hat going up against a bulldog. Know what I mean. You are just no real person here. A local defending you would be worth gold in that situation. Just in case she calls the police and stuff.