Can food vs. Dry food

Is there any truth to what some people say, that dry food is better for cats and dogs than can food?

Any truth/logic behind that.

I give my cats both, don’t have a problem with the cost of good quality canned food, but have heard that it can contribute to urinary tract problems in older males. Both my guys are still young but are male, hence my inquiry.

Regardless of feeding plans, does anyone have any opinion(s) on what brand of dry cat food is the best? Any to avoid?


Another issue with giving cats canned food is it does nothing for their teeth, whereas dry food helps to keep them clean and strong. The effects of that won’t be obvious for years, though. If you want, you can mix some canned food in with some dried food. Makes for good eating… so I’ve heard.

We feed our house cats Iams. It’s good stuff, and they love it. The strays we feed get something much cheaper…

Is Iams French?

I’ve tried Hill’s ScienceDiet, but one of my cats stopped eating it after I tried another kind, Japanese Carat. Fussy cats.

Is it troublesome for cats if you change dry food brands once in a while?

I just looked it up. Iams is owned by Procter & Gamble; dunno if they’re American or what… but when I was just googling them, I found there’s a whole site dedicated to protesting their treatment of animals… so I’m not sure about that one right now. I’ll do some digging.

Cats changing food isn’t typically a problem, but you’ve got to ease them into it… like on day 1, add about 15 percent of the new food to their old food, on day 2, add about 40%, day 3, 70%… and see how they go. If you change them cold, they’ll almost definitely get some pretty bad diarrhea.

One of my cats is a long-hair. Diarrhea is not fun.

On occasion when he has had a filthy ass, and needed help, he’s come up to me, sits a few feet away on the floor and looks up at me with an uncomfortable look on his face, as if to say ‘dude…I need your assistance…’. It’s priceless.

Sorry guys, I should have looked a bit further back in the threads for the info.
My bad.
The info is helpful. Thanx.

Procter & Gamble is based in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA). They are fairly well known for high quality in the US; they make Tide, Oil of Olay, etc. – premium brands. Because they make cosmetics too, I wouldn’t be surprised if they use animals for testing there.

I worked for P&G for 2 summers as an intern in the Personnel Research division and have a very good impression of their manufacturing standards, customer service, and hiring practices.

As for cat food, we use Costco’s dry and the cats love it. We supplement with some raw, meaty bones of course. :wink: