Can foreigners apply to be a Buddhist monk in Taiwan?

I am an Indonesian who is now starting to study in Taiwan. I have longed to be a Buddhist monk abroad. How can I apply to be one here?

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@Buddhism, any insights?

Do you have open work rights?

Residents Visas for Religiuos Work

You may want to contact any religious organizations in Taiwan or your country.

Four big mountains and others in Taiwan

Tzu Chi

Fo Guang Shan

Dharma Drum Mountain

Chung Tai Shan

Ling Jiou Mountain


May I ask, other than the formality of the legal paper works, what is your final goal to become a Buddhism monk? As you might already know, to obtain liberation from the three realms or eventually to gain the Buddha’s wisdom, that is the meaning of becoming a Buddhist monk.

In my viewpoint, the only thing that does matter is that the place you are to become a monk can lead you to the true Dharma wisdom. Or it will be meaningless to become a Buddhist monk abroad or at home.

Of course. I have a student visa too. But I think I want to get to know Buddhism along my course of study. Just want to make sure, if my aspiration is possible at all.

My long goal is to achieve peace in mind, which I think I haven’t yet to possess. I can’t change my religion back home because I think it’s not safe for me to proclaim so due to the fact that it’s a grave taboo for one to change one’s religion back in my home.

If it’s not safe to change your religion in your home country, then I hope that’s not your real picture on your profile.

I met an Indonesian who converted from Catholicism to Islam in Indonesia, with no negative consequences.

Well Indonesia is a Muslim country so I doubt they object to anyone becoming Muslim. What they have issue with is Muslims becoming anything else, which is supposed to be a death penalty offense under Shariah Law.

That is unless the Holy See thinks converting away from Catholicism is a capital offense too…

Needless to become a Buddhist monk or change your religion to have a peaceful mind. Here is an initial suggestion for your consideration, try listening to the temple chimes and the percussion of the wooden fish (木魚) before going to bed and make wish after listening to it.

The sounds of chimes and the wooden fish can soothe our nerve system and brain cells.
Its textual meaning would be too profound and wide for you to understand currently, but maybe in the future, you never know.
Good luck! :smiley:

I don’t think the OP wants to become a monk for inner peace. There are benefits to being a monk, like they get a fairly high wage for being one. Plus they don’t just take anyone to be a monk. You actually have to qualify to be one. It’s kinda like becoming a catholic priest.

I’m not saying it’s “not safe” per se, but I came from a particularly devout moslem family, so it’s a little bit trickier for me. But thanks for your answer.

Yeah, I know. I guess I’m just not that lucky to be born in a open-minded family.

I didn’t honestly think in this direction, lol. But hey, you are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. So, cheers!

Have an English translation of the text?