Can foreigners get a credit card in Taiwan?


I feel your pain. If I want to use the debit for any serious purchase, I need to contact the bank and ask them to up the daily limit. I did not know I had to do this, one time I bought a computer and I was denied at the store. It was a little embarrassing. The next day, the bank offered little sympathy as they explained what I needed to do.


It’s absolutely correct as that is how I got my Costco CC at the beginning of this year. It was very easy and I had no problems getting approved. Didn’t need any tax information from the States and I’ve yet to ever step foot in a Cathay Pacific Bank. The lady from Costco contacted me via Line when she needed any information.

She approached me whilst I was waiting for a friend and I actually mentioned to her that I thought foreigners couldn’t get a CC in Taiwan. She asked if I’ve had a job for 2 years and said it shouldn’t be a problem. So I figured I’d give it a shot.

I remember having to sign something that gave them permission to contact my employer, not exactly a power of attorney, but something to that effect. Basically gave them permission to find out my salary and how long I’ve worked here.

My main reason for getting it was to be able to us the Costco gas station. 3 NT cheaper per liter!


Well, that’s great. But, I actually complained to Costco, who then had Cathay contact me. That is how I learned of what they needed. Maybe I am too white or something. If I have them a shitty attitude, or whatever then they could do as they wish and require whatever. But all I do is ask for an app. It goes no further. Maybe the rules are different in Taipei. Where I live, it appears they won’t even give an application to those who don’t look “local.”

Tell you what, anyone who is in doubt, let’s hook up and go to Costco together, then I can personally show you what I mean.


haha. try to make eye contact with the credit card pushers at costco. watch their reaction.


BTW guys, how many have the Cathay Costco card with your picture on it? That way, you do not have to carrry two cards when you go to Costco: membership and credit card. It is all in one.


I’m quite obviously not a local and was surprised when she approached me. As with most things in Taiwan, YMMV.

Since my Costco account is from the States, they said they cannot combine my cards. So I still have to use both.


Cathay two years ago denied me. The branch let me fill out the application for the Costco card and I got a denial sms a week later. I went in and told the lady who originally helped me fill out the form and she called them and gave them what for while I waited. The card was then approved.

Over the years it seems Cathay goes from issuing cards with no problems to foreigners to putting up roadblocks, based on the stories online.


At A Mart both the taishin bank and shinkuang bank reps had their hand out to me last week and then snatched the form back when they saw me. It’s quite funny.


I do. Surprisingly easy to get!
I just walked in the store, they offered, I accepted, filled some papers and 2 weeks later I had it!
The only interesting thing is that they called me at my office to confirm I was working there and some other details.


Does any single, APRC holders been successful???


Please see above.


It is completely random and hit or miss. It depends who you are, who you see (at the bank), the phases of the moon, alignment of the planets…

Seriously. Some have had wonderful success with minimal effort. Others have come up bupkis.
Some have APRC cards, others only an ARC. Some get one with their spouse’s assistance, others get it on their good looks and charm.

I cannot say for absolute certain it cannot be done, just expect to go through more hoops than you would getting a home loan in the States.

All this IF they give you an application. I have never even gotten that far.


The family I am married to does a significant amount of business with ShinKuang. Or supposedly. I was with my wife on an errand and picked up an app from the counter and asked if I could take it. I was told “No. No foreigners.” I asked if I opened an account and put a few hundred thousand NT in, then could I? I was told no foreigners can have an account.



Shinkong you mean? Those bastards. Ever since my salary reached the «gee we have a surplus» I have been trying to get a friggin card from Taishin, which is associated with Shinkong Mitsukoshi. I got six different cards from other banks. They say no. That I need a cosigner. A local one. So they keep me out of the best deals.


At least you have a few cards! If I may, how long have you had the cards?

This brings up something. Are foreigners who are lucky enough to get cards, are they eligible for the “perks”? (miles, points, etc)


Sure. I strongly recommend Cathay’s Asia Miles card for miles.

I started with American Express which at the time was foreigner friendly. Mega let you have a secured card. The rest were a matter of chance and opportunity I guess.

After 20 years in Taiwan and 15 with local credit cards, being asked for a guarantor is insulting.


Icon: which bank offers this card?





??? There is a Cathay Bank in Taiwan?



OK, I found it: Cathay United Bank. Details about the Asia Miles card here: